About free trial

During the 30-minute trial session, you’ll be able to get a feel for what it would be like to learn via 1-on-1 online lesson. Your teacher will assess your level and understand your needs and interests. The instruction teaching language is English and the content is Chinese-English bilingual. It’s very easy to follow even if you are an absolute beginner!

Normally, the teacher will first assess your level and discuss your goals with you. Then they’ll aim to tailor the lessons to your individual status and needs.

Teachers are professional native Chinese teacher with Chinese language teacher certificate. They can teach all Chinese language skills such as pronunciation, listening, speaking, writing & grammar, as well as specific challenges such as using the language at work & study. Whatever your background and motivation, sign up for a trial session and see if online lessons are the right choice for you!

You can request the trial session here. You’ll then be able to pick your ideal timeslot and book with the teacher.

After booking, you’ll receive an email confirmation with online classroom  download link. And you’ll receive the login pin code via SMS in your phone. Please download it in the device you are going to use for online lesson and log in once before the lesson start.

Our policy is one trial session per new student.

To take lessons, all you’ll need is the following:
1) A good internet connection, the minimum network requirement is 2MB.
2) A laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most people will find that the speakers and microphone on their device are sufficient. However, occasionally students choose to use a headset or headphones with a microphone in order to enhance the sound quality.
3) Download and log in the online classroom once well in advance of your first session to avoid problems.

About teachers

We have a rigorous recruitment process to maintain high standards. All the teachers are certified native Chinese teachers. They all speak English well & will make you feel comfortable, even if you’re a beginner. You’ll be able to see teacher profiles including videos in our website.

All of the teachers speak English, so there won’t be any communication problems if you can speak English.

We recommend sticking with the same teacher because it helps to develop a long-term relationship. They can get to know you, your interests and what you need to improve. Of course, you can change teacher if you wish (see the below Q for more on this). Also, very occasionally students may need to change to a new teacher due to a lack of availability.

Whilst we don’t usually recommend changing teacher, sometimes it helps to freshen things up. If you want to book with a new teacher, you can can email us and ask to be matched with someone suitable.

About online contents

We use Chinese and English bilingual online content authorized by BCC iPandarin, a leading Mandarin Chinese course developer base in UK. Its theme-based interactive course design has been accepted by more than 200 schools worldwide, such as International School of London, Newcastle High School, Eton College etc.

The course is systematic designed to support the progression from absolute beginner (CEFR A1, HSK1) to native speaker (CEFR C2, HSK6)

CEFR represents Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It’s an international standard for describing language ability.

HSK represents Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. HSK test is an international standardized exam that tests and rates non-native Chinese speakers’ language proficiency.

Each lesson will cover character understanding, reading and writing, grammar, sentence practice, listening and speaking.

The online content includes printable handout, core lesson, skill practice (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, writing) and printable character writing grid.

Yes, you can discuss with the teacher and use your own material.

Yes, you can discuss with the teacher when you have the need.

About live video lessons

Live video lesson can be arranged 1-on-1 or small group with a dedicated professional native Chinese teacher. This ensures that you receive your teacher’s full attention & can make fast progress. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and is taught via online classroom, allowing you to communicate with your teacher, share learning materials and interact as if you were in the same classroom.

Normally, the teacher will first assess your level and discuss your goals with you. Then they’ll aim to tailor the lessons to your individual status and needs.

Most of the teachers on our site can teach students with any level and with all sorts of different needs such as hobby, study, work, travel etc. You’ll be able to check the teacher’s profile including video in our website.

We provide language test to evaluate the language level.  Your teacher will assess your language level and discuss your specific learning goals during the trial session.

You can learn at a pace that you’re comfortable with – it’s completely up to you when and how often you take lessons. When you book your trial session, just make sure that the timeslot you pick fits your schedule.

Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes. This is tested as an optimal length as it allows for a lot to be covered and for students to maintain their concentration levels. It’s also short enough to squeeze into students’ busy lives! If you really want to take longer lessons, you can simply book two lessons back to back, meaning you will have the whole 1-hour study time.

No, you won’t need to – the online content is included. You have unlimited access during the learning period.

To take lessons, all you’ll need is the following:

1) A good internet connection, the minimum network requirement is 2MB.

2) A online classroom account. What you need to do is just download and log in once well in advance of your first session to avoid problems.

3) A laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most people will find that the speakers and microphone on their device are sufficient. However, occasionally students choose to use a headset or headphones with a microphone in order to enhance the sound quality.

Teachers will usually be fine with teaching you together as long as you are on the same level. If you are interested in this option. Please contact us here.

Teenagers sometimes learn with a teacher in order to support their school/college studies.  If you are a parent, please check the teacher profiles carefully and choose suitable one for your kids. We always require permission to be given by parents, who should also give their child’s age and describe their needs when booking the trial session.

About online classroom

School and company customers can decide the online classroom they’d like to take into use, e.g. Google Classroom, Zoom etc.

For individual customer, we’ll use ClassIn as the online classroom. It’s because of following reasons.

 It’s the first online classroom built on the real offline teaching scenarios focusing on improving the quality of online teaching & learning. It provides many innovative features enabling a fun and interactive online learning experience.

It allows both the teacher and the student to do everything they would do in a classroom: read, write, speak, listen, share learning materials and take notes etc. It also provides unique fun game-based teaching tools to make the lesson more enjoyable.

Calendar and SMS notification feature help you won’t miss the lesson and keep the progress.

You can chat with the teacher and classmates with the support of translation feature inside Classin.

Classin is very simple both to set up and use based on customers’ feedback. Once you book the trial, you’ll receive the download link via email and the pin code via SMS. Just open the link and choose the option depending on the device you are using. You’ll then just need to log in with the pin code you receive in the phone. We suggest doing this well in advance of your first session to avoid problems.

Both video and audio are used during the lesson, just like in the real classroom but online. You don’t need worry about the connection as Classin supports global distributed servers to ensure high-quality reach. 200ms internal delay globally you can’t even notice it. Most important is that the video is the great learning material for students.

Booking, Rescheduling & Cancelling Lessons

If you haven’t taken a trial lesson with the teacher before, it will be your responsibility to download and log in Classin following the instruction send via email and SMS.

If you have already taken a trial lesson and bought the course, you can send a chat message to Fun Chinese in ClassIn when do you like to take the lesson. We’ll confirm with the teacher and set up the schedule for you. You’ll receive SMS reminder 24 hours before the lesson start.

It’s very simple.

For a trial lesson, you can send an email to support@funchinese.fi to request the change.

For a purchased lesson, you can send an email to support@funchinese.fi or a chat message in ClassIn to request the change.

Please do remember to do it 24 hours before the lesson start.

If less than 24 hours are remaining before your lesson, you will not be able to reschedule or cancel the lesson. This rule exists to respect teachers’ time and working conditions. For example, if a student were able to cancel on the day of a lesson, the teacher would be unable to teach another student and regain the lost income.

Pricing, Payment & Policies

Click here to view the price and purchase the course package.

You can pay securely by direct bank transfer or debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on our website. We only accept the payment in Euros.

We understand that sometimes things get in the way of learning a language, so we give you a full 12 months to finish your lesson. Make sure you use them within 12 months as we are unable to extend expiry dates.

You can reschedule or cancel a lesson up to 24 hours before the lesson is due to begin. If rescheduling were permitted right before a lesson it would not be fair to teachers as it would prevent them from teaching and earning a living. The 24-hour policy is highlighted on the website and in emails.

If you book a lesson but don’t turn up to it or be late for more than 1o minutes, your teacher will lose time when they could have been teaching someone else and therefore, they still need to be paid. So, unfortunately if you miss your lesson or be late for more than 10 minutes, you will lose your lesson credit. If you think you may not be able to attend a lesson, you can send a chat message in ClassIn 24 hours before your lesson.

You can get a refund to the value of your remaining lessons if you contact us to request this within 14 days of your initial purchase.

How to maxmise the progress?

Students sometimes wonder how many lessons they should take per week. There’s no secret to learning a language – it simply requires consistent practice over an extended period of time. The more time you put into it, the faster you’ll improve.

As the lessons are 1-on-1, you’ll make progress even with just one session a week. If you want to improve quickly, we recommend that students either review the lesson content and practice the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills online as often as they can OR take several lessons per week.

During your first session, discuss your goal with your teacher. This will help them understand your motivation and tailor the lessons to your needs. Perhaps you want to be able to communicate with the natives on your trip abroad. Maybe you want to be able to give a business presentation, or to reach a certain level and pass a test. Whatever your goal is, be specific and set a deadline for achieving it. This will keep you motivated and give you a sense of exactly what you need to do to be successful.

Once you have decided on the time(s) of the week when you plan to take lessons, tell us to schedule them in the system and add them to your calendar. The other advantage is that you can ensure your desired time slots aren’t taken by another student. Once you have a weekly routine, you’ll see the rewards and be more likely to stick to your language learning habit. Another thing you can do is let your family and friends know what your plan is! Psychologists have shown that if you tell people what you’re going to do, you’ll be more committed to doing it as you won’t want to seem inconsistent.

It’s possible to read, write and listen to your target language outside of lessons. But most students only have the opportunity to speak the language and get expert feedback during the lessons. Therefore, it’s essential that you go outside of your comfort zone and speak as much as possible with your teacher. If you’re a beginner, it’s natural that you’ll feel a bit embarrassed or nervous. Push through these nerves and allow yourself to make mistakes! The more mistakes you’re making, the faster you’re learning.

The beauty of 1-on-1 lessons is that you can cover any topic you wish with your teacher. Tell them what your interests and hobbies are and they’ll take this into consideration. By covering topics that are relevant and interesting to you, you’ll be more likely to use the words you learn in real life, and studies show that you’ll also be more likely to memorize them.

Whilst they will do their best to adapt the lessons to help you achieve your goals, sometimes it can be difficult to know what is working for you and what isn’t. Polite, constructive feedback will be welcomed by your teacher as it will allow them to optimize their approach and help you as much as they can. Tell them what you want to do more of and you’ll be making their job easier!

Make Chinese language learning fun & easy!

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